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Tdx 20 – Irrefutably an Ideal Refrigerant with Utmost Benefits

An energy-efficient refrigerant at a cost-effective price is highly requisite these days. The late 19th century has experienced massive strides in refrigeration and the HVAC industry is booming at a faster pace. Reducing the energy consumption in the HVAC system up to 30% is one of the features that make TdX 20 standout among the rest. There are numerous providers of energy-efficient replacement refrigerants for HVAC-R systems but opting for the one that renders top-notch quality R 20 refrigerant is of great significance. An enormous cost of air conditioning with R22 equipment or any other popular equipment is a paramount concern and TDX 20 is the one-stop solution to eliminate such rising concerns.

TDX 20

While comparing to other refrigerants such as R-717 and R-22, the users can reap out limitless benefits with Tdx 20 as it is more efficient and absolutely safe for the environment and humans. Tdx 20 is gaining immense popularity because of exceptional features as it is away from the pitfalls of Freon. Usually, the new replacement refrigerants are difficult to run in an existing R-22 system. However, there is no such issue with TDX 20. An utmost feature is that it works with MO and POE, so there is no need to change the oil. In addition, it augments stability and diminishes vibration.

Factors that make TDX 20 the need of modern era:

Preserves and enhances unit’s cooling capacity

Highly non-flammable and non-toxic

Highly effective in diverse (low, medium and high) temperature systems

Ensure smooth operations at lower pressures

Improves the lifespan of your HVAC system

tdx 20


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